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Adventuring With Pets

Tips & Advice For Happy Pet Camping

Travelling, hiking and camping with your 4-legged loved ones not only helps you connect with nature, it also helps your pets. If you think they smile when you go for a walk, bounces when you give them a treat, or rolls over for some loving rubs wait for the reaction you get when they go camping or hiking with you. No one enjoys being left out of an adventure and you really don’t need to. There are many ways you can prepare to make the experience safer and more meaningful for everyone.

Please keep in mind that even the most loving, well-trained animal may act differently or even aggressively when in a new place, around new people, or in the presence of wildlife. If you haven’t done many trips with your pets, you may want to start with shorter outings to help them (and you) prepare. Walks in a park nearby to get used to being near others, strolls in the woods to get familiar with the sights, sounds and smells found in nature, even try letting them sleep outside on a leash (if sleeping inside with you won’t be an option). Once you know how they may behave on longer outings, you can better prepare for a longer adventure away from home. However, aggressive animals really are best left at home. Here are some practical tips to help your next adventure dream become reality!

General Pet Etiquette

Do not leave your pet unattended.

Keep your pet leashed, as this aids with keeping them safe, and from becoming an unwanted visitor at neighbouring campsites.

Do not allow your dog to bark. Continuous noise (barking) can be a disturbance to your neighbours and wildlife.

The Caves | Photo: Danielle Kreller

General Pet Etiquette

Respect campground rules regarding off-leash and on-leash areas.

Keep your pet under control at all times.

Always pick up after your pet, even if it’s a well treed or forest area. Walkers, hikers, bikers, etc., will be using the area as well.

Carry an environmental-friendly bag to dispose of your pet’s waste in appropriate trash containers.

The Caves | Photo: Danielle Kreller

Provincial Parks

Pets are welcome in Manitoba provincial parks. Many park visitors find that bringing pets enhances their overall outdoor experience; however, pets and their owners share the park experience with all other visitors.


Clearwater Lake | Photo: Danielle Kreller

Where Pets Are Not Allowed

Designated beaches with defined swim areas.

Special use areas, such as cross-country ski trails, unless designated as pet-friendly.

Areas posted with signs prohibiting animals.

Clearwater Lake | Photo: Jackie Rechenmacher

Pet Friendly Swim Areas

Clearwater Provincial Park:
- Hugo Bay, boat launch on the north side of launch

Grass River Provincial Park:
- Gyles Lake, west of designated swim area
- Iskwasum Campground, on the east side of boat launch

It's vitally important to our ecosystems for everyone to clean up after their pets (even in wooded areas)!

Pasquia River | Photo: Heather Gibson