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Fun Trappers' Traditions

Meet Waldo & Wimsy

Started by a Fur Queen Candidate in 2008, the Ice Worms Fundraiser has become well-known throughout the communities. The Ice Worms, Wimsy and Waldo, are big cut outs of ice worms who are passed from house to house in the community. This is commonly known as being "wormed". It's a fun way to build excitement leading up to Trappers' Festival. People will take photos with the worms before passing them onto their next surprise location.

Here's how it works: Each year a draw is made to see which Fur Queen Candidate will be in charge of these fun worms. You contact the current Fur Queen Candidate (usually via facebook) and ask to have the worms placed in someone's yard. The person who is “wormed” can decide if they want to give you a donation to have the worm stay overnight. Then they can give you a new address to move the worm to for the following evening. Typically, the donation when “wormed” is $20. Please note that everyone who is “wormed” has the right to pass on it.

2023 Fur Queen Candidate

Wimsy the Ice Worm

Kids Love Wimsy

  • Get On THe Hunt

    Another fun tradition is the hunting of ice worms or ice weasels. This yearly scavenger hunt is very exciting as daily clues are given to help you hunt them down. Up to 3 Ice worms/weasels are hidden throughout the community with cash prizes given upon their discovery. People of all ages tune in to get the clues that are posted on Facebook, at the headquarters and on the Radio. They head out on the hunt in hopes of being the first to catch their prize!

  • Wear Your Fur

    What good trapper doesn’t wear fur? You may hear the phrase “wear your fur” or “where’s your fur?” a lot during the festival and that’s because those caught NOT wearing some fur may be at risk of being “tossed in jail”. Often organized by the local Kinnette Club members, the “Kin Cops” will be on the lookout for furless trappers, ready to toss them into jail and for a small fee you can be released. It’s all for fun, but maybe wear your fur just in case.

  • Ice Fleas

    Seen pinned on the coat of nearly every child (and many adults) the ice flea is a cute craft made by many.  Make one yourself with a furry pom-pom, red felt and some googly-eyes or buy one at one of the craft fairs. Wearing one could keep you safe from the Kops!